What is one of the first things homeowners do to put their stamp on their greatest and most valuable purchase – their home? THEY PAINT IT, OF COURSE! 

Since 1978, Bill Blanchard has been able to use the transformative power of paint to help homeowners, business owners, and even school systems express how they feel about their most valuable possession. His sons, Michael and Richard have joined the family business to help establish BMR (named aptly after Bill’s wife of over 50 years, Barbara, and their two boys) as one of the most reliable, affordable, and professional painting businesses in the Northern New Jersey area.  Recently, grandson, Matthew, has joined the crew in the summers to put three generations of Blanchard men together helping customers realize their painting potential.

Bill’s reputation for honesty and integrity have been staples of the business since its inception as a supplement to his teaching career in Glen Rocks schools for close to thirty years. He uses his ability to relate, communicate, and organize to help customers feel at ease and empowered with their choices in their homes and businesses.

“When people hire us, they are not just hiring experienced painters. They are hiring people they can trust in their homes and who have a dedication to treating the customer like an extended member of the family. We want their satisfaction and their future business. We aim to get things right because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Let us help you see the potential in your most important investment. Let us use paint to help you see that investment the way it deserves to look.